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Sunny Day

Posted on Mar 14, 2010 | 9 comments

It was a beautiful day out and I took a bit of a walk in Pigneto to get to know it a bit better and take some photos. I snapped this both because of the way the light was hitting the symmetrical architecture, but also because of the two old men gossiping out of the window on the bottom right. This architecture is a bit of an anomaly in the neighborhood, as most of the buildings are much lower to the ground.


  1. Interesting building. I love the balcony and the two men remind me of Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show.

  2. Nice photo! It does look unusual for Rome, but I love how the Romans have the balconies planted with greens and flowers even in the modern building.

  3. this photo is fantastic, I love how you captured the height of the building, and the placement of the two old men is great.

  4. What Bill said. I thought of the Muppet Show immediately.

    Great photo.

  5. Beautiful picture, I would love to go to Rome one day.

  6. Haha I love the Muppet reference! I didn't even think of that, but I love that show.

    Erin – Yes, they love their gardens and you'll find them anywhere possible. I always tell people to look on the rooftops to find interesting things.

  7. I like this shot of the windows, it looks really charming 🙂

  8. I wonder what year this building was built?

  9. I would guess in the 1950s or 60s?

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