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via Prenestina

Posted on Mar 21, 2010 | 4 comments

The Prenestina is one of the ancient roads of Rome, believe it or not, and ran all the way out to Palestrina, which was formerly called Preneste. This shot doesn’t make it look too ancient, but again, it’s location makes sense, as it shoots off from the Porta Maggiore, which would have been one of the gateways out of the ancient city. The street obviously continues on for quite some time, but this is a section right at the beginning and a site anyone who has been on the street will recognize. The tangenziale wooshes up over the street, cutting strips in the sky above.


  1. Great shot! It is impossible not to recognize the place!! When are you going to give us fans some shootings from around the Isola Tiberina?

  2. Your photos are stunning! Great job!

  3. Ciao Lorenzo…thanks! I can definitely take some pics around the Isola Tiberina. Anything in particular you were hoping for?

  4. I was thinking of a shot of the synagogue dome peaking from the hospital on the island, or something like that! 🙂 Or maybe the broken bridge at the end of the island!

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