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Posted on Apr 10, 2010 | 11 comments

Now that spring has officially decided to come visit us in Rome, it’s like the city has woken up. Light until late, nice weather, and, most importantly, no rain! It’s makes such a difference and it’s so nice to leave work and have it not be cold and rainy. It certainly makes you want to celebrate with a little pre-dinner apertivio, hence this photo of Aperol. Think of it as Campari’s lesser known cousin, but I actually prefer it’s slightly less bitter taste. Or course it can be used to make spritz or sipped on its own, and you can buy it in a large bottle for mixing or even this cute little bottles for a pre-mixed aperitif. The color and the shape of the bottle made it irresistible to shoot and just writing this post makes me want to crack open another. What’s your favorite spring-time drink?


  1. OMG without a doubt its a spritz with aperol-in fact I'm going to make one right now 🙂

  2. Can I have two, please?
    Spritz contends first place with Bellini, both Venetian.

    Happy weekend

  3. Gin gin.

  4. Great!
    Both the taste, – and your photo!
    I suddenly got very thirsty….

  5. It comes in small bottles!!?? Wow, where have I been? I love its color as people sit outdoors and enjoy a late afternoon spritz.

    Have enjoyed scrolling through your blog archives. Love Rome and love your photos.

  6. Yeah, but sanbitter c'est plus facile!

  7. Mmm. That back-lit drink looks so good right now. It's still freezing in Beijing. Just when it was getting warm, we got a cold-spell and the temperature has dropped back to 5deg C.

    I think Beijing has decided to skip spring, and before I know it, it'll be sweltering hot here =(.

  8. Passionfruit Iced Tea!
    Glad to hear the weather is getting nice. I will be there April 28th. Skirt weather?

  9. yum…i had a delicious sparkling rose the other day and it just screamed spring. i wish i could share a spritz with you! miss you!

  10. Lots of good drinks in the mix! Colbalt – Eh, it's a mixed bag, still a little cool.

    Sarah – I wish we could have a spritz too!

  11. Second to the spritz, I love a Lillet Blanc Iced Tea. Lillet is a French aperitif that comes from Bordeaux, it's more or less a fortified wine that goes well with anything citrus. Thinly sliced lemon, orange and lime over ice topped with Lillet and fresh mint makes for a delightfully sweet yet fresh spring cocktail.

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