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Chocolate Eggs

Posted on Apr 5, 2010 | 6 comments

Before I take off for my Easter Monday barbeque, I wanted to post this picture of some chocolate eggs I snapped at Bar Necci earlier in the week. I also had a delicious Easter lunch there yesterday, even if the weather wasn’t fantastic. I feel like every Easter I’ve ever lived here it always rains on Easter! I guess that’s a tradition in and of itself.


  1. Great shot Jessica. I hope you have had an enjoyable Easter ,despite the ghastly weather we have had.

  2. those eggs look sooo good-almost too good to eat:)

  3. oh wow!!! yuuuuum!

  4. Those are huge! And I'm not sure if I'm liking the decorations- The pink and green don't look too edible.

  5. I spent last three Easters in Rome (including this one) & it has always rained..think I will start taking bets on it for next year..yummy eggs!

  6. Gorgeous shot, Jessica. How are things? We finally have Spring here in Boston and the rain has stopped.
    It's so wet here, we had swans in the woods beyond our back yard today – you would've made that into a great photo, no doubt.

    All the best!

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