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Collective – Day 1

Posted on Apr 18, 2010 | 4 comments

Yesterday was a great first day at the collective wall on via degli Ausoni in San Lorenzo. I haven’t been able to wade through all my photos yet (I was there from early morning until midnight!), but the results are already satisfying. If you didn’t get a chance to come by yesterday, definitely come to see it today. There are still artists who needs to complete their works and you’ll see some of the great stuff finished yesterday, such as this piece by Hitnes. Now it’s time for me to get dressed and head back over. Stay tuned for complete photo coverage of the entire event.


  1. Would be great to see. You could make a slideshow from your flickr photos.

  2. awesome-that just jumps out at you

  3. Good one, Jessica!

  4. So many vibrant colors. Great photo and wall art.

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