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iphone Photo of the Week – Art Week in Rome

Posted on Apr 14, 2010 | 0 comments

The next few days are going to be great ones for underground art here in Rome, with events happening pretty much every night. Since it’s so unusual for this all to be happening, and can be hard to find if you’re not plugged in, I’m going to list everything here for you. I also want to take a minute to point out that all of these events are coordinated and promoted by individual artists or collectives that aren’t doing this stuff to make a dime, but just give themselves and/or the art they love a platform here in Rome. It would be great if the city helped foster more of this stuff, but it really doesn’t, so we just do it for ourselves!

The first appointment is for Thursday, April 15 at Rising Love. Since this past fall, artist Mr. Klevra has been working to curate a huge exhibit of artwork on skateboards. This type of show is something that’s been done quite a bit abroad, especially in the US, but has never before been held in Italy. He’s carefully selected artists from around the globe to submit their work and from 9:30 pm tomorrow you can head over to Rising Love and see the almost 80 skate decks he received. I had the pleasure of getting a little sneak preview of the show this afternoon while they were setting up, which you’ll see below. I personally know the time and effort this show has entailed, so come out to see it. Some of the artists will be there painting live and I’ll be photographing everything, so will probably post some photos on the blog afterward.

Sk8 Like Canvas Vol 1
Rising Love
via delle Conce 14
April 15 – 25
Entry from 9:30 pm

On Friday night, head to Strike for what is sure to be a blockbuster show by Hitnes and Erica Il Cane. They’ve been painting the outside of the centro sociale over the past few days so you can see that finished, as well as pieces they’ll have on the display in the pub. Again, these events are curated by three Roman street artists (UNO, Alt97, and Murphy), who have really done an amazing job at getting some big names to come and show their work in Rome.

Hitnes + Erica Il Cane
via U Partini 21
Show opens April 16 at 7:30 pm

And this weekend is the big event I’m excited about! The flyer shown in the main blog photo is for Collective – Murata Collettiva. Elsewhere Factory, who helped me organize my show last month in San Lorenzo, has obtained permission from the owners of a 120 m wall (plus the permission of the city to shut down the street) to allow over 20 artists to come and paint on the wall. The walls runs a good stretch of via degli Ausoni, right in front of Laboratorio 51, who helped come up with the idea for the event. This is a rare opportunity for these artists to have free reign to paint legally on a wall, one which is completely crumbling, and to help requalify a part of the city. I’m very proud to have helped gather artists to participate and I will be there all weekend as the official photographer of the event, so please come and say hello. There will also be a market on the street with artisans selling their wares, as well as postcards with images by the artists. I will be selling some prints as well, so there’s lots to do and lots of reasons to come by! Again, I will be posting images here on the blog, but nothing is like coming in person, so don’t miss a chance to see these artists in action….and if you buy a print from me, I’d be happy as well!!

Collective – Murata Collettiva
via degli Ausoni
April 17 (from 12 pm) and April 18

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