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iPhone Photo of the Week – Concert

Posted on Apr 8, 2010 | 3 comments

This week’s iPhone photo comes from the Chocolate Starfish concert I went to at Fanfulla 101 in Pigneto. Before the band went on I got this shot of the lonely looking tambourine on the keyboard. To see photos of the concert, become a fan of Rome Photo Blog on Facebook! (Or check out my Flickr).


  1. Jessica, complimenti come sempre per il tuo blog che è linkato sul mio.

    Al Pigneto ho realizzato un reportage e pubblicato su flickr proprio stamattina:

    ti aspetto!

  2. Cool Blog! I just moved to Rome a few weeks ago and started a blog about it to keep my friends and family back home in the loop. If you want to check it out sometime here is the link.
    So since I just moved here can you let me know of a few places that I should know about? Nothing touristy. Places that only the locals know about. Thanks a lot!

  3. Grazie Alessio! Bello il tuo reportage!

    Ryan – Congrats about the move and welcome to Rome. The best thing is just to flick through the blog, as I write about most places that I go to a lot and most often they are not touristy.

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