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UNO at Collective

Posted on Apr 19, 2010 | 5 comments

A fantastic weekend is finished and I have 1500 photos (and sore legs) to look over. I’ll be posting a more detailed reportage either later today or early tomorrow, but for now wanted to get this photo of UNO’s contribution to the wall (with the cute dog named Pezzo sitting in front). One interesting aspect of this wall was the chance to see what the artists would do if given more time on the street. UNO normally works primarily using posters out on the street, so this was a chance for him to create a more permanent stencil. Stay tuned…..


  1. I like the RETRO style on the wall, and I like the dog as a model!:-)

  2. I liked the guardian of the wall! We have a photo of a dog very similar to it, made at a mountain city of Rio de Janeiro, with the difference that yours barks in Italian, our in Portuguese …

    As for graffiti, they are sensational! We love this urban art. We have several posts published in our blog with this type of art.

  3. That's the kid that's been on the Kinder chocholates boxes since the seventies! I recently saw him as as a man, on a facebook page holding a box of Kinder…

  4. Very cool Marie Loupe, I'll check it out!

    Valeria – Right, UNO always does the face of the ex-Kinder model.

  5. Is there an underlying message to this piece?


  1. Street Art: Rome | Off Track Planet - [...] him back. Most of his stencils are of the smiling kid, and Romans can’t get enough of this poster-boy.…

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