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Artcock – The Calling of St. Matthew

Posted on May 24, 2010 | 5 comments

Right by the Trevi Fountain on the facade of Palazzo Poli, you’ll find this amazing poster, the work of Artcock, whom I’ve mentioned on the blog before. Forget the Caravaggio show at the Quirinale and take a look of this amazingly realistic recreation of his “The Calling of St. Matthew.” It’s enough to make any art historian’s heart skip a beat! I’m always impressed with their dedication to detail in creating these pieces and I suppose that’s part of the game, to really inhabit the characters. Below you’ll find a “making of” video and if you read Italian, see Drago’s blog which lays out their “rules” for creation. The poster is up as part of the exhibit Rendering – Traduzione, Citazione, Contaminazione, on until July 18.


  1. Pretty amazing work. Really cool!

  2. Loved the video-shows the devotion and joy of creating such a masterpiece, great shots with the people passing by

  3. bellissimo . davvero bellissimo 🙂

  4. Very impressive work.

  5. Yes, they are great, no?

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