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Bottled Water Still Life

Posted on May 30, 2010 | 1 comment

You could probably write a whole blog just about bottled water in Italy, the brands, the preferences, the slight variations and gradations of fizziness. It’s funny that a lot of tourists seem to think Italian drink so much bottled water because the tap water is bad, but that’s not really it. Italy has long been the number one consumer of bottled water in Western Europe, attributed largely to its cheap price. This is a shot I took of a vending machine in a metro station. It was filled with more water than any other type of soda, and at a €1 price to boot.

What’s your favorite brand? I’m into frizzante (sparkling) and like Ferrarelle, while others swear their allegiance to different brands.

1 Comment

  1. San Pellegrino, exclusively. Love the chewy-ness of the bubbles.

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