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No Code

Posted on May 29, 2010 | 0 comments

It’s been a crazy, stressful week, so I leave you with an image and some information from No Code, a collective exhibit I’m participating in tomorrow night at Circolo degli Artisti. See you there!


CHOCOLATE Starfish / / BONI ELENA / / JESSICA HARRIS / / VALERIO Iacobini / / MOKA (ANY GIVEN MONDAY) / / MR KLEVRA / / OMINO71 / / JESSICA STEWART / / Téoz / / THE hysterics / / Paulina Wallenberg / / STICKMYWORLD / / KABLABSTRACT / / Zamò

Circolo degli ARTISTI_ May 30 2010_ROMA_h 19.00_FREE ENTRY

Conceived and curated by Fabio Campagna
Art event in collaboration with Wifi Art event crew

This eleventh round of Urban Portraits, is exceeding the usual limits between the different forms of expression which NOCODE precisely no code, such as waiver of a place of expression and reference only.
A jump through specific, meaning operating codes, the different forms of expression.

NOCODE, which by extension must also be understood as the overcoming of clichés of gender and identity construction, proposed, therefore, for the first time in the programming of Urban Portraits, activate a site-specific collaborative project between various actors of urban art nationally and internationally. Launching a performative and installation process only because of the resulting joint creative and synergistic to each side.

An experimental one night event that occurs as un’exhibition collaborative and site-specific Urban Art
Art is the practice of urban design in various ways to create, present design as a practice leading innovation in contemporary urban creativity. Urban art is DJing free causing the creation of scenarios existential fluids, new, through the practice of party installative. Urban art is of course the freshness of the illegal practice in street art as healthy attitude to overcome gender stereotypes in the performance of the raw garage punk.

So in NOCODE photography, interior design, fashion design, street art, photography, DJs and live performances come into continuous feedback signaling pathways and wonderfully unpredictable shifts around a joint collaborative process.

Specifically NOCODE comes in two parts that move to articulate the spaces by putting the club differently in the report.
The first stage deals with the interior of the club. INDOOR NOCODE is fully installed and is the result of a process already completed. The second phase, external, is considerably more performative. OUTDOOR NOCODE presents the process in progress by going to open a fluid scene of performative interventions in the garden.

INDOOR NOCODE enacts a continuous process where creativity has no boundaries nor borders reference: Fashion design, street art and photography as expressive practices, found in a collaborative dialogue platform for experimentation and research.
The hysterics, Roman fashion designers, vintage clothing identified numerous handing them three street artist scene Roman Omino71, Mr. Klevra and Téoz that modified using stickers and clear action graphs, it ricalibrarano texture and structure. The outfit open up their semantic space to a fresh make-up, like support for a practice apparently extraneous graphics.

The work then installed in the street by Kablabstract, Roman street artist whose practice adopts a conceptual approach to urban research, are reconfigured in connection with entering the architectural and urban design and then be photographed by Stewart and Jessica Valerio Iacobini. Whose images are on display along with the clothing changed. So a process that moves from the street and then revert to the spaces inside the circle, dissolving the resistance between the different practices: the clothes bought in markets, the intervention of streetartists, then setting up the street, and then the rearrangement in the circle .

NOCODE Outdoors, the outdoor spaces appear instead of the club as the stage for performing and installation activities undertaken in close collaboration as a single act: interior deisgn, fashion design and live music performances are creating a new calibration settings and performative action and collaborative site-specific.

Elena Boni prepares, setting the scene, with various items of vintage interior design by changing the space outside the circle. Emergencies object that dialogue with the limited set of clothes, Magdalene, designed specifically for NOCODE by Jessica Harris. The stage, so marked, will then be activated in an emotional climax, choreography and performing pop music uber intervention Paulina Wallenberg.

NOCODE will be accompanied by music selection of Mokai, founder of the DJ crew ANY GIVEN MONDAY. In closing a very short live of raw power punk blues band Capitoline CHOCOLATE Starfish.

A celebration of freedom in the practice of cross medial encroachment. A crossing in the specific language underlying the various behavioral modes of expression in the arts and urban object.
NOCODE as further utopian picture of the possible places of the city. … NO CODE!
Fabio Campagna

Urban Portraits, now in its eleventh edition, is a project on the scene more aware of urban street art and international art. Urban Portraits identifies and supports the drifts of the most innovative research in the field of interaction and digital public reading and conceptual installation needs of urban life.
Presents a different picture, unpredictable city, where just the identity project: new urban portraits.

Chocolate Starfish •, Roman power blues punk band
• Elena Boni, interior designer from Turin, lives and works in Rome.
Jessica Harris, a fashion designer from Chicago, USA, lives and works between Rome and Paris
Valerio Iacobini, Roman photographer and art historian
The Hysterics, Roman fashion designers
• Mokai. Any Given Sunday, the founder of the Roman DJ crew, Any Given Sunday,
Mr. Klevra, Roman street artist
Omino71 * Stick My World, Roman street artist, curator
Jessica Stewart, photographer and blogger from Boston. Lives and works in Rome.
• Kablabstract, Conceptual street artist, lives and works between Rome and Berlin.
Téoz, street artist Roman
Paulina Wallenberg, perfomer and musician, lives and works between Stockholm and Rome,
• Zamò is a collective of street artists in Rome.

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