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Outdoor – May 7 on the Walls of Rome

Posted on May 6, 2010 | 5 comments

I’ve been a bit absent the past few days because I was busy out in Garbatella shooting what is without a doubt the largest public street art installation in Rome. NUFactory, in co-operation with the Provincia, Municipio XI, gained permission to cover four of the facades of Garbatella’s historic lotti with poster art. The project is called Outdoor and the Roman artists, JB Rock and Sten and Lex were asked to contribute, as well as French artists C215 and L’Atlas. The official opening of the event is tomorrow, May 7, starting at 6 pm at the Teatro Palladium. There you will be able to see more about the artists, as well as videos and photography (including mine) shot during the installation. I was there all during the installation, much of it done in either drizzling or down pouring rain, but this didn’t stop anyone. It was truly a privilege to see all the artists working and to be up close and personal with their pieces, which all vary in style. Equally interesting was the chance to hear first hand feedback from the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Part of Outdoor’s aim is to show how public art interventions can help better the urban decor of the city and while there were both negative and positive comments, the overwhelming majority seemed quite interested and said they wished the posters would stay up for longer. Read the full press release on the Outdoor website to learn more about the project and come out tomorrow in support of the opening at Teatro Palladium. In the meantime, I’ll give you a preview image (I’ll put more up on my Flickr when the opening is over). This shot features the work in progress of Sten and Lex, the biggest piece they’ve ever done. Any guess as to who it depicts?

Update: See a few of my shots on (including the Sten + Lex poster of a past work – they didn’t put the credit) La!

There are also a lot of my pictures featured on and two of the three photos in this article on Corriere della Sera are mine as well.

Friday, May 7 at 6 pm @ Teatro Palladium – Piazza Bartolomeo Romano 8

Tuesday, June 15 at 6 pm @ via dei Magazzini Generali
For the closing party the Roman artists JB Rock and Sten and Lex will create a permanent piece on via dei Magazzini Generali due to the contribution of Filmmaster group and McCann Erickson.


  1. Ho visto le tue foto sul sito de la repubblica complimenti 🙂

  2. grazie mille!

  3. anche io mi associo ai complimenti, bellisme foto! ho inserito al notizia e il link al sito di repubblica anche nel mio blog. paola

  4. Hi Jessica – great photos and we share your passion for this art. BTW, do you know how, for example, Sten & Lex do the art before it's put up? Is it painted on the "wallpaper"? printed? Dianne @

  5. Graize artmonamour!

    Dianne and Bill – Sten and Lex handpainted every panel that they put up. They told me that it took them a little over a month to do it all. JB Rock's was printed and then he painted over it once it was stuck on the wall (filling in the hair and shading). C215 and L'Atlas also had theirs printed. I think Sten and Lex are pretty unique in actually having the patience and perseverance to handpaint something so large. The paper they work on is so thin that you couldn't print on it.


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