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Per Grazia Ricevuta

Posted on May 31, 2010 | 11 comments

In Largo Preneste you’ll find this wall covered with plaques all exclaiming “per grazia ricevuta, which I believe translates loosely into “by god’s grace.” There is an altar to the Virgin Mary as well, like the ones I’ve written about before, so I suppose in this case, thanks is being given to the Virgin Mary. Also shortened at PGR, there is a tradition to place silver or gold offerings, or plaques such as these, to give thanks for a miraculous happening. When I first started looking at the wall I thought they were memorials for people’s deaths, but now I think they are actually giving thanks for the birth’s of children. Anyone know? If you look closely at this photo, you may find a plaque that does not belong….it’s actually a very subtle piece of street art by Rub.

Update: Thanks to Francesco and Aimee from Hobo Art Club for letting me know that the thanks aren’t for births, but simply for any miracle and the names on the plaques are the names whom the miracle touched.


  1. Unique!
    Well seen and well done!

  2. For the most, they are thanks for recovering from a serious illness.

  3. " […] Tu vedi, o cara madre, a quanti pericoli sono esposto; Tu vedi i miei innumerevoli bisogni. […]"

    "[…] O Mother of Perpetual Help
    To thee we come imploring help
    Behold us here, from far and near
    To ask of thee our help to be;
    Behold us here, from far and near,
    To ask of thee our help to be. […]

  4. This is a cool photo!

  5. Most of the people are looking deferent around the world, but I am coming to your blog I feel how much change is between the people around, as between photographers.
    I like the blog, wonderful details shots.

  6. Please can you or anyone tell me if this is the same messages wall in "Roman holiday" where Gregory Peck takes Audrey Hepburn? I've never could find that place in my trips to Roma…

    Best wishes from Spain.

  7. Thanks for the comments (and the prayer, Rub)!

    Basir – Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoy my point of view.

    Juan Miguel – Sadly, I've never seen that movie! Someone commented on my Facebook page that this reminded them of that scene in Roman Holiday. I'm not sure though.

  8. I used to pass this wall all the time when I lived out on the Via Prenestina. Some were plaques so old they were hanging off the wall, then new ones would crop up in their place. I always thought they were left by people who had been saved from injury or death in accidents at the corner of Via Prenestina and Via Portinaccio but I could be wrong. There are some many of them…but it is a dangerous corner…

  9. Grazie mille caro Rub!

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