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Finissage Outdoor

Posted on Jun 15, 2010 | 1 comment

If you are in Rome, head down to the via Magazzini Generali tonight, where from 6 pm there will be the finissage of Outdoor. While entry to the party is invite only, the viewing of the exterior walks, with completed works by JB Rock and Sten and Lex are visible outside. These are photos of them at work, as they’ve been painting day and night for 14 days. If you read Italian, check out the press release here and also watch the film clip, which focuses on JB Rock’s “Wall of Fame.” As he explains in the clip, this is the biggest piece he’s ever done in the 17 years that he’s been working out in the street. Truly something special and a great day for street art in Rome, so thanks to NU Factory, FilmMaster Group, and McCann Erickson for organizing it and here’s hoping it’s the start of even more events. Now come by and celebrate!

1 Comment

  1. amazing work by the artists-wish I was there to see it in person

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