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Posted on Jun 19, 2010 | 0 comments

I wandered over to MACRO last night and came upon a really interesting exhibition set up in La Peleanda. Small models of houses and boats of different shapes and sized topped wooden crates, with strings connecting them all. I started reading the papers attached to the crates to learn of the experiences of people from Libya, the Ivory Coast, Iraq, and more…all of whom had come to Italy. The exhibition, which unfortunately closed yesterday, was called GeografiExtravaganti and the models were created during workshops where immigrants from different countries where asked to show their native home, their mode of transport coming to Italy, and a model to represent their new home. You can see more of the models on the link to their website. The one I’ve posted was constructed by someone who came to Rome from Libya via a four day journey in a small boat. There was a musical performance as well and they were just putting out trays of what looked to be some delicious food, but I had to go. Friends sat outside, enjoying the night air, and I got a nice smile from one of them. Say whatever you will about illegal immigration, but the fact is that these people are here and do create part of the fabric of Rome. Many work hard to create a life here and obtain the proper paperwork they need to stay. Whenever I see something that gives them a voice, I think it’s important to acknowledge it.

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