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Invader in Rome?

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 | 13 comments

On Friday I was walking down the via del Pigneto with a friend when I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at a mosaic of a space invader type creature tiled on a wall. “It’s Invader….he’s in Rome?,” I said, as my friend looked at me like I was crazy. Who is Invader? A quick Google search will tell you all you need to know, that or a stroll through Paris or one of the many other cities he’s hit. I first noticed him in Paris, where there are about 700 examples of his pieces and once you notice one, you notice a million more. He also has an amazing website with maps of the locations of his installations in cities around the world. Up until now he hasn’t been in Rome, but after spotting this one of the via del Pigneto I was told there was another in San Lorenzo (which I spotted and photographed) and another not far from the club Innit, which I’ll be taking a photo of tonight. Rumor has it that he may be doing a show in Rome in the Fall, fingers crossed….and fingers crossed that they’re real and not just an impostor.

Update! I’ve now spotted 5 total, 4 of which you can see pictured here. The last, in Piazza Vittorio, I saw this morning from the tram.

Update 2: Definite confirmation that it is Invader via this post on Artsblog, which also speaks of a show in Rome in October and also via a friend who spotted him working on the via del Pigneto last night. Happy Invader hunting!


  1. Awesome

  2. In Paris I was told that there is now a confederation of Space Invaders at work.

  3. Hi Jessica – we were just in Paris and were told there were 2,000 now up. We took some photos, too. Now I'm on the lookout in NYC. I'm your Mom's cousin.

  4. Sounds freaky. I have not heard of this here in my place. I will try to hunt them down too in the city walls. Your photo is so lovely.

  5. oakland – yeah a friend told me that too…i think it started out as one person and now he has help?

    mac – yes, in paris they are everywhere! every time I go I have a lot of fun spotting them. Let me know about NYC 🙂

    Marlene – On the website you can see a lot of the cities he's been to….let me know if you find any!

  6. Denis – Thanks for the information! I'll be posting more as I see them.

    Rub – Mi fa ridere che stavo per pubblicare la prossima foto proprio di Largo Preneste quando ho letto il tuo commento 🙂

  7. Thanks! I didn't know about the last two…I'll see what I can do about photographing them. 🙂

  8. Pretty cool!

  9. I've seen a few invaders in Amsterdam in well including one under a bridge which they must have put there from a boat.

    p.s – Despite my name I am not related.

  10. There is a space invader in the Pantheon, check natgeosnaps and search for Space Invader.

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