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Alice’ in San Lorenzo

Posted on Aug 28, 2010 | 6 comments

I’ve been wanting to do a post on artist Alice’ since last year, but just hadn’t really gotten the chance to shoot any of her stuff in the street because it was quite rare. Her stuff is now on the street more and I was quite happy to run across this piece in San Lorenzo today. It’s a few months old, hence the flaking paint, but that’s part of what I like about it. When you start shooting street art a lot, it can become addictive to run out and shoot everything immediately because you never know when it can go away, but I try not to get too obsessive about it because then it takes away the fun. Often it’s even more interesting to find a piece that’s been up for awhile and has had the elements batter it a bit, like here. So, what is it about Alice’s work that’s made me want to write about it? As I may have stated before, though I think stencils and prints are cool, I am pretty old school so to me there’s nothing more impressive than someone that can simply pick up a paintbrush and make magic happen. I also love the strong, defiant, urban woman that are often the subject of her works. In a male dominated street art culture here, it’s refreshing to see. Alice’s a very talented illustrator and specialized in animation at the Ars Animacion school. Her work was rare to find in the street because previous they were all hand painted posters and she’s so busy with her illustration and design work, but that’s changed since this spring, when she’s had new “inspiration” to take her work to the streets, painting directly on the wall. This is a bit of a break with most of the work in Rome, where artists tend to use posters in order to paste up quickly and avoid trouble. It’s also fitting that I’m posting this particular image, as it’s connected to an exhibition that will be opening in Rome on September 11. The piece was inspired by a famous American artist of the 20th century….any guesses?

Lastly, I just want to call recognition to a great two part interview done with three well known street art photographers over on Brooklyn Street Art. Becky Fuller, Stephen Kloo, and Luna Park manage to say pretty much everything I could ever express about why I’m photographing street art. Reading this kind of makes me feel like part of one big crazy international art family. Well worth a read.


  1. Interesting graffiti!

  2. Love this piece–my guess Andy Warhol

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  4. It has something to do with Andy Warhol, but the original painting is not by him.

  5. Cool!

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