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Crumbling Facade

Posted on Aug 24, 2010 | 3 comments

This building in Monti caught my eye in regards to something you commonly see through out Italy – the crumbling facade. This happens when the exterior stucco layer pulls away from the plaster and becomes like an air pocket which then breaks and slowly falls off. I saw another the other day and it was at ground level so I did a little inspecting and you could see that the plaster underneath was literally crumbled into dust. Eventually the owners will need to skim over the entire building, but it’s an expensive job, so most wait until it’s absolutely necessary or, unfortunately, they’ll lose the stucco layer all together and will just be a dull grey facade.


  1. It is a beautiful image.

  2. This might not be from Trastevere, but the color is how I remember ROME.
    Beautiful light and a shot full of atmosphere.

  3. I always like this kind of photo but I can never but my finger on why. Something about the old, slightly disrepair look.

    In this particular photo I think it looks even nicer because of all the oranges.

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