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iPhone Photo of the Week: Afternoon at the Beach

Posted on Aug 26, 2010 | 5 comments

Today after work I took a ride out to Ostia with my colleagues and enjoyed the waning few hours of the sunshine. The sunset was incredible and we watched it slowly set right over the water. One thing I love about the Mediterranean climate is that the sun stays hot and bright until a very late hour (ok, well maybe I only love this in the context of the beach). Back in Massachusetts, even in the middle of the summer you really couldn’t stay at the beach past 4 or 5 pm as the heat really dissipated and made it too cool to lay out in your swimsuit so late. Hopefully this won’t be the last late afternoon visit before summer ends….


  1. Beautiful photo. Great sunset.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. WOW what a stunning sunset

  3. That's an amazing photo. I've never seen a photo from an iphone come out looking so good.

  4. Whoa you took that with your iPhone?? Now I have to get one (also go to the Mediterranean but hey, one step at a time ;))

  5. Thanks everyone! Stu and RSA….yup with the iphone and an app it's all possible! I write a bit about the application in the first time I posted an iphone photo, just click on the iphone tag and it will come up.

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