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Moses Fountain Revealed

Posted on Aug 15, 2010 | 4 comments

Almost two years ago when I started this blog, I took a photo of the Acqua Felice fountain (more popularly known as the Moses Fountain) covered up in scaffolding as it was being restored. Believe it or not, that scaffolding had already been up for about a year (I think) before I took this photo, so a reveal was a long time coming, especially as the scaffolding became stomping ground for politicians to put their manifestos and you would regularly see a buildup of posters there until it was so heavy they came crashing down. In typical fashion, Moses is shown with horns and though it’s not the most refined piece of sculpture ever, I’ve always enjoyed it and was happy to see it nice and gleaming bright.


  1. Great photo and what a coincidence. I was just looking in the diary for last year and saw that I was staying at the St.Regis and that the pavement by the fountain was a nightmare. So, yes it is a year since the scaffolding went up and nearly a year since we left Italy.

  2. Beautiful photo!

  3. Amazing photo

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Since I didn't know it was covered, I am glad to see it is back in the real world now. I know I will hit that area more than once when I am in Rome later this year. I know it's been criticized, but I like it too. I think your angle shot is great, lighting too.

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