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Diamond & JB Rock – Veleno

Posted on Sep 24, 2010 | 3 comments

This is how you know you are addicted to photographing street art:

Sitting peacefully on the bus home, you think about how happy you are that you caught the last run of the bus route. Passing through San Giovanni in Laterano, you are almost home and note a poster by Greco that you’d spotted a few days earlier and mentally note to come back and photograph it. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye on a kiosk covered with ads for a local acting school, you spot a black and white design. Intricate, rendered in an vaguely art nouveau fashion, you make out a woman’s face. First thought, “It’s Diamond.” Second thought, “Get off the bus.” That’s right, get off the bus even though that means you’ll need to walk the rest of the way. But it was worth it, Diamond and the Greco in one night. It seems fitting given that Diamond and JB Rock are opening a join show called Veleno at MondoPop Gallery tomorrow night. Another reason to come is that in the days following the opening, both artists will be pasting a series of works in the street. If you go to the opening tomorrow, you’ll be able to get a map of where the pieces will be and you can do a little street art stalking, just like me.


  1. fabulous work by Diamond-and yes you are officially obsessed by street art

  2. Your photography rocks!

  3. Thank you so much Jan!

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