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Snack Truck

Posted on Sep 3, 2010 | 6 comments

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this snack truck in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore early this morning before it had fully opened up. The sides of it were exploding with images of any and every monument you could think of that is in the city of Rome. The front really takes the cake, though. Aside from the Pope giving his magic blessing to all things snack related, there are the ridiculous images of sodas and horrible food superimposed over a photo of the Vittoriano. This seems to be the de rigeuer for carts of this kind, but the impact is often lessened when they’re open for the day and all the food is along the side window. Shut up like this it’s just one giant ball of cheese, which I appreciate.


  1. Don't know that I would want to see the Pope coming at me on the street. Great shot!

  2. "the Pope giving his magic blessing to all things snack related"? ah ah .. genius!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    In the NYC area Food Trucks are becoming all the rage. They sell everything from coffee- The Mudd Truck– to crepes both sweet and savory to cupcakes and everything in between.

    Their food is really good and fresh and healthy and people wait in line to get the goods.

    Customers can Twitter to find out where their favorite truck is parked so they won't skip a day-or meal.

    I hope Rome food trucks soon start on that path. Truthfully it took 15 years in NYC but at least the system is up and running.

  4. That's one hell of a snack truck

  5. Haha glad the snack truck amused you guys!

    Roseann – Yes, I've been reading about it in the New York Times. We'll see…here it's just bottom barrel food for tourists. They'd really have to start catering to locals to make a dent. That's these type of trucks, there are portable kiosks for fresh fruit and stuff that do pretty well.

  6. I've born in Rome and did not notice all that. Interesting pictures, really!

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