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Urban Portrait: Telephone

Posted on Sep 26, 2010 | 1 comment

I took this photo coming out of the Piazza Vittorio metro station, as the pay phones against the wall just seemed so lonely and desolate.  Whenever I see them in general it makes me think back to being in high school and making sure I had enough coins to call my mom to pick me up after I was done with practice for the day.  Of course, Italian pay phones use special calling cards and not coins, but you get my point.  Between the pay phone and the grimy walls, it had an eerie feeling that I felt like I needed to capture.

On a side note, I took this photo on the way back from an art opening at MondoPop.  See pictures from that and the Marco Rea opening on Friday night on my Facebook Fan Page (and become a fan while you’re at it!).

1 Comment

  1. Very well seen. Love the colours and composition. All the best from Santiago de Chile.

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