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C215 After Raphael

Posted on Oct 11, 2010 | 1 comment

During the Suburban live painting in Monti C215 was around and left behind traces of his presence.  Mr.  Klevra showed me this stencil on the side of Piazza Madonna dei Monti and I was immediately smitten.  The Vision of Ezekiel is on of my favorite Raphael paintings and so I was delighted to see it stenciled in my very own neighborhood.  As always, the texture of the surface plays a great role in enhancing the stencil.  The slightly bent door with the shadow it creates and the rusty tinges only bring the stencil to its urban best.  Another piece well done.  In other exciting news, you can read a preview and see one of my previously unpublished photos (yes, I do keep some stuff secret!) that will be published in C215’s upcoming book “Community Service.”  Numerous street art photographers from around the world were asked to contribute, myself included.  Hop over to Crack For Your Eyes to read my preview and pop over there every Sunday to see new sneak peaks by the other photographers.

C215, “Community Service”
Paper Back / 132 pages / 22 x 22 cm
Critères Editions
Cover by RomanyWG
Available in bookstores in January 2011
Exceptional preview release on November, 12 at Galerie Itinerrance

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  1. great photo of amazing artwork by

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