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Lomo Instant with Sten + Lex & Street Art Events

Posted on Oct 7, 2010 | 1 comment

This weekend I went to a workshop put on by at RGB Gallery and got to try out their Diana model with a modified back to take instant photos.  It was a lot of fun going with the group to via dei Magazzini Generali and playing a bit of the “guide” to tell them about the art there.  This shot of Sten + Lex’s mural was my favorite of the day.  I have the Diana with me for the next two weeks and am shooting 35mm film with it and so once it’s developed, I’ll do a few posts dedicated to the results.  It’s definitely strange shooting film again, but kind of nice and liberating in a way.

There are a few cool events happening in the next few days that I wanted to tell you about.  First is the Suburban live painting happening tonight in Piazza Madonna dei Monti.  Lucamaleonte, Kiv, Alice Pasquini, and Mr. Klevra will all be painting canvases in the piazza tonight from 6 pm to midnight.  The pieces will celebrate the Rione Monti and will then be in Villa Aldobrandini this weekend along with some of my photographs.  I would highly recommend taking advantage of getting to see them while they’re working tonight.

Tomorrow night at the Centre Culturel Saint-Louis de France (Largo Toniolo 20/22) there will be a round table discussion about street art and its role in Rome.  Starting at 6:30 pm, speakers will be art historian and NU Factory curator Christian Omodeo, art historian Alessia De Filippi, Drago Libri, street artist C215, and myself.  After short presentations there will be time for an open audience debate and then it will be possible to see a photo exhibition of the Outdoor project in Garbatella.  Both my photos and the images of photographer Gloria Viaggiani will be on display.  The talks will be in Italian and I hope anyone who is in town and interested will try to come to what should be an interesting and informative evening.

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