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Posted on Oct 25, 2010 | 4 comments

Near Piazza Barberini I found these posters, all stacked upon one another in one of the metal boards sanctioned by the city for these sorts of manifesti. Paints a lovely picture, no? Earlier, closer to the Trevi Fountain, I found a large stack of them on the ground because they’d gotten so heavy that they peeled away and were simply flying there, abandoned.


  1. good photo Jess-shows the mess these advertisments/political posters make. I'd rather see good street art there

  2. Jessica, this is so beautiful. Nice job.

  3. Romans call them Lasagne as they resemble the multilayered pasta. By the way, there is a whole social bloggers movement against the ruthless way the whole billboard business is run in Rome and the damage they are inflicting. Google for "Cartellopoli" i.e. Billboard-town and you'll find it

  4. Thank you Randy!

    Londra – Yes, I love the term lasagne, it's very appropriate! I didn't know about the initiative, but I'll definitely look it up. It seems everyone I talk to hates these posters, maybe someday it will change.

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