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Posted on Oct 3, 2010 | 2 comments

I was in Piazza San Callisto in Trastevere the other night and shot a photo of this window. I was attracted by the shadows and the iron bars, which are a common site in the city.  I’m out of Rome on business for a few days, but it’s a busy end of the week for me.  I’ll update you all again soon, but read more about what’s coming up in the October newsletter and while you’re at it, sign up to get next month’s delivered to your inbox.


  1. Hi Jessica, I wrote about you on my blog today, also to sort of ask your expert opinion (you are the resident street art expert here!) have you ever seen this art before? Thanks!! Elora

  2. The sign above the window looks like "home" 🙂
    Nice photo!

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