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Artcock – Sacro e Profano

Posted on Nov 29, 2010 | 5 comments

I must admit that since I’ve been back, between the rain and the cold, it’s been a bit hard to get myself out of the house to go out and take photos.  However, I couldn’t miss the opening of Artcock’s latest installation at Animal Social Club (via Portonaccio 23E), not only because I enjoy their work, but because Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love, which you can see at the Galleria Borghese, is a favorite of mine.

I must say, they didn’t disappoint.  The three monumental photographic installations of posters pasted on the walls were some of the most interesting stuff I’ve seen from the group, with them moving in a new direction of not including themselves in the images, but using other models.  Of course, when I say models, I’m not speaking of your average model, but of ordinary people plucked from the streets and thrust into the responsibility of recreating Old Master paintings.  Aside from the recreation of Titian’s piece, as partially seen in the second photo, their characteristic irony is seen in the teddy bear stirring the waters instead of Titian’s cherub.  The rich colors recall Titian’s original, but the overall feeling is a new, modern take on the classic.

To compliment the recreation of Sacred and Profane Love, the collective also created one work based on the “sacred” as seen in the first image and “profane,” not pictured, but an amazing image done with care and sensitivity that alone is worth the trip to view it.  The sacred image, which recalls a polyptych of the early Renaissance, but with saints played by locals from a food pantry who were asked to participate. To see the expressiveness of each participant and how they embody the roles given create a new dimension of interest in the image. During the opening Artcock also screened the “behind the scenes” video, accompanied by a specially created soundtrack that gives emotional weight to what we view – the work and care taken to painstakingly recreate the image in a new way, as well as the care and sense of responsibility taken by each model to give their best to the project.  In terms strictly of the photography, my hats off to Federico Tribbioli, as this is some of the best work I’ve seen from him and I’m excited to see how it progressed. If the video is published online I’ll be sure to put it here, but for now, I encourage you to make the trip to view the exhibition if you can.  In the meantime, I’ll wait to see what Artcock does next…..

Artcock “Sacro e Profano”
Animal Social Club
via Portonaccio 23E

Update! Here’s the video, I encourage you to take 12 minutes of your day and watch.

SACRO e PROFANO – ARTCOCK from Veschollywood on Vimeo.


  1. Jessica-

    Are you the model for the second photo?

    I see a possible resemblance in your mouth and the mouth of the model…….

  2. Roseann – Nope, not me….though it would be fun to be one of their models!

  3. 1º foto: la luce è molto bella

  4. Gianluca, si' ma ti chiedo di includere un link al mio blog. Grazie!

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