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Circo di Mosca

Posted on Nov 2, 2010 | 3 comments

Apparently this circus is the place to be, or at least you would think so from all of the signs I’ve seen around town.  You can’t miss these because it’s light a highlighter threw up all over the paper!


  1. Those are all over Milan, too. I keep forgetting to test my theory that they glow in the dark.

  2. I've been giggling about this. I had to use babelfish to translate "mosca". It's a Russian circus, right? In spanish, mosca=fly, and I was pretty sure THAT couldn't be correct. Either that, or the flies in Rome are waaaaaay more talented than the ones in the States!

  3. Z Marie – yes! I bet that are great under a blacklight

    Anon – Yup, it means Russian….but a fly circus would definitely be a site to see!

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