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Lomo – C215 – Community Service

Posted on Nov 10, 2010 | 2 comments

This image of a C215 stencil on the side of a post box (see digital capture as well) is one of my favorites of the entire experiment.  It also coincides perfectly with the opening of C215’s newest solo show “Community Service,” which is opening on November 12 at 6 pm at Gallerie Itinerrance (7bis, rue Rene’ Goscinny, Paris).

You may be wondering why I’m writing about a show opening in Paris.  Well, that’s because the opening will also be where C215 is debuting his new book, also entitled “Community Service.”  The 128 page book, with forwards by Steven Harrington from Brooklyn Street Art and Marc and Sara Schiller from Wooster Collective is a new twist on a typical monograph.  Instead of supplying his own images, C215 has asked street art photographers from around the world to publish their images of his work, letting the reader see how one artist’s pieces can change through the lens of each photography.  Every photographer also wrote a text about their impressions of his work, giving a wide variety of information and photographic styles.  I am very pleased to announce that I am one of the many photographers who will be publish in the book, along with well known street art photographers Luna Park, RomanyWG, Lois Stavsky, and Vitostreet.  You can see a preview image and a bit of my text published over on CrackForYourEyes as part of a preview.  Unfortunately this photo will not appear in the book, as I took it too late, but there are many others that have never been published by me that will appear, as well as some that have been seen on the blog.

The book will be on sale at the opening and then will hit bookstores in January 2011.  I’m not sure if it will be coming to Italy, but I will find out and let everyone know.  For more information about the C215’s work and why he chose to create the book in this fashion, check out this great interview with him on No New Enemies.


  1. amazing, both the shot and the stencil! I´ll try to visit the show, thanks for the advice

  2. Great shot Jess of C215's amazing stencil work

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