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On Top of the Colosseum

Posted on Nov 21, 2010 | 7 comments

And we are back in Rome! On Friday I had the chance to participate in a visit to the underground levels and third level of the Colosseum. It was truly an incredible visit, viewing the Colosseum from down below and actually seeing the canals that run below. This image, taken up on the third level of the Colosseum, shows the incredible views one can see from above. From this perspective, via dei Fori Imperiali looks almost elegant and betrays none of the trafficked chaos that one gets when actually walking on it. For now the special visits at the Colosseum end November 30, but I have a sneaking feeling they’ll probably do them again in the spring if all goes well.

In other news, The Rome Journal published a nice interview with me a few days ago.  Hope you enjoy  it!


  1. Fabulous shot Jess-hope they continue to do it

  2. Great view. I've never seen the skyline from the top of the Colisseum before.

  3. love the photo from the Colosseum- great interview congrats

  4. I love your pictures. My husband and I are planning another trip to Italy in 2012 and I can't wait!

  5. I love Roma, just been in Rome for two and a half months. 🙂 Amazing pictures you are taking, a inspiration!

  6. Amazing view. The city looks great.

  7. A Tiepolo sky if ever there was one.

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