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Strike the Street Collective

Posted on Nov 18, 2010 | 0 comments

StrikeTheStreet / Collective

Stop by Strike on Saturday November 20 for the 3rd annual collective show to open their new season. Some of my photos of street art from Rome and beyond will be on display in the corridor. Here’s more information about Saturday and the exhibition, hope to see you there, it should be a good one!

“The new season of “Strike The Street” starts November 20; a project started in 2008 by Alt97, MRF, and UNO and which takes place inside the social center Strike, a self-managed public community space.

The world of street art as varied and rich as it is, has a feature that distinguishes it from other types of art. As a form of expression born in cities, it is difficult, if not impossible, to export it in a different context from the street and the urban environment, without corrupting the essence. Graffiti, stencils, posters, stickers, installations and anything else having to do with urban art has its “signs” and trying to bring this whole world in galleries, art centers and institutions, ends up with empty meaning and impact.

From the idea of giving visibility to the art form, while remaining outside the market, comes “STRIKE THE STREET” — sharing, giving value to and promoting street art, bringing it back to its natural environment, through the practice of free exhibitions in a space (Strike’s pub) that is lively and open daily, and at the same time, has a natural urban scenery.

Strike is actually an industrial building in the Casalbertone district, situated between the Tav and the Tangenziale Est. It was rescued from its abandoned state eight years ago, with an aim, among others, to give visibility to culture and art , without becoming a place of commercialization or an aseptic gallery thus making it a perfect match for not stripping street art from its natural habitat.

On November 20 the third season of Strike the Street opens in its usual exhibition space.

The afternoon begins with live paintings that will cover the interior and exterior of Strike with the participation of various Italian and foreign artists, whom will also be included, from 7 pm, in the 2010 collective show. They will be accompanied by DJ sets by Junglabeat.

After dinner, the evening will continue with a live concert by THE SOUL BROTHERS STREET, a Roman funk, jazz, soul group ( / soulstreetbrothers), and to follow there will be DJ sets “THE BUMP,” the new project by dj slump (Soulfood) & Viktor Uolf (Soul Kitchen), with Original Boogie & funk’70, which will range from soundtracks to breakdance gems, all strictly on vinyl.”

20 November 2010
Strike The Street / 3rd
Exhibition / Live Painting / Free Skate Area / Dj Set / Live Music
Gaia (New York / USA), El Gato Chimney (Milan / IT), JBrock (Rome, IT), X (IT), pu:RE (Rome / IT), BR1 (Turin / IT), Rub Kandy (Rome / IT), A1one (Teheran / IRAN), Diamond (Rome / IT), Hitnes (Rome / IT), Lucamaleonte (Rome, IT), Urka (IT), Hogre (Rome, IT), Izolag (Brasil), Dot Masters (London / UK), Zibe (Milan / IT), Alias (Berlin / DE), Greg Gossel (Minneapolis / USA), 999 (IT), L.e.t. (DE), DAVe (Oakland / USA), Mezzoforte (Paris / FR), Sone (Rome / IT), Hopnn (Rome / IT), Czarnobyl (Berlin / DE), Marco About ( Rome / IT), Prost (Berlin / DE), BTOY (Barcelona / ES), Sten (Rome / IT), Lex (Rome / IT), MP5 (Bologna / IT), Michael Aaron Williams (Kronxville / USA), Bortusk Leer (UK), Martin Watson (Oslo / NO), 108 (Alessandria / IT), Kozet (Teheran / IRAN), Ben Frost (Sidney / AT), Ludo (Paris / FR), zOOt (London / UK), Alto Contraste (Brasil), James Kalinda (Italy), # (Rome / IT), Michael De Feo (New York / USA), Erik Hikups (BE), R-ash (Teheran / IRAN), Pixelpancho (Turin / IT), UNO (Rome / IT), MRF (Rome / IT), Alt97 (Rome / IT), RiotQueer (Rome / IT), Honi (Rome / IT), Pible (Italy), Bol23 (Rome / IT), Pepsi (Rome / IT), Sam3 (ES), TheStickHeads (Rome / IT), and many others…

Photo: Agnese Senza Pretese, Alejandra Arzola, Chiara Lo Cascio, Jessica Stewart, Stefano Pavone.

H. 16
Live Painting / Free Wall / Free Skate Area

H. 19
Art / Photo / Music / Food / Drink

Funk Live & Dj Set: The Soul Street Brothers (live)
SLUMP (Soulfood) & VIKTOR UOLF (Soul Kitchen) presentano:
THE BUMP – Original Boogie & Funk ‘70

STRIKE s.p.a.
Via U.Partini 21, Casalbertone, Roma



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