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Christmas Lights

Posted on Dec 9, 2010 | 7 comments

I’ve always maintained that no one does over the top Christmas decorations like Americans, so Italy’s more subdued version never really does it for me.  That being said, I haven’t yet headed over to see this year’s Fendi building, which never disappoints.  Until then, here’s a taste of some lights in front of the Fassi Gelateria near Piazza Vittorio.


  1. Yes a Fendi photo please=its always something to look forward to.

  2. You made the WordPress switch!
    Love the new sleek look…

    I’ll have to ask a few questions on the platform change, readership transferral, etc.

    In the meantime, complimenti on the new website and twinkly holiday lights!

    E xx

    • So far so good. I used a 301 redirect so any link to the blogspot site will automatically redirect here. I think I worked out Feedburner so that should transfer as well.

  3. Good job Jess-Love the new site

  4. Great job – love the new site! It looks great! It was a bit of a surprise at first – it was unexpected, but I give it two thumbs up 🙂

  5. Yes a Fendi photo please=its always something to look forward to.

    • Oh no! No Fendi photo this year I’m afraid. I’ve already left Rome. I went by last weekend but it was too early and wasn’t on yet. I saw at photo and it was nice, but really just a combo of the last two years. Sorry about that! My last few days in town were crazy and I never got back to the center.

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