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Posted on Dec 7, 2010 | 4 comments

It was unseasonably warm today and not raining so after work I set out toward via del Muro Torto to photograph a set of three posters by the street artist Greco.  I haven’t written about him before on the blog, but I’ve been aware of his work for awhile and you can see examples of his work near San Giovanni and Piramide on my Flickr.  Greco is part of the TTS crew with Diamond and JB Rock and while you can see similarities in their affinity for depicting slightly eroticized women, each is distinct in their own way.  In my mind, Greco’s women really recall the great femme fatales of the 1940s.  They are sensuous without the internal pain of JB Rock’s women or art deco flair of Diamond.  This helps explain why I chose to shoot the image in black and white.  While the scene seems cool and calm, I can tell you that this underpass during rush hour is a mad house.  You can make out the faint streaking lights of cars as they scream past and I attempted to get closer from down low, but there wasn’t a proper pedestrian sidewalk and I figured it wasn’t worth dying for.  Anyway, I enjoyed this image to begin with.  See a closeup of the far left poster during the day on Lascia Il Segno to get a sense of the use of color and line.  It’s very bold and graphic, almost like a graphic novel in its rendering and style, as there’s not much shadow and the outlines are doing all the work.  This shade of red seems to be a favorite of his, as you can also see that it appears in the poster by San Giovanni.

By the way, if you are looking for something street art related to do this weekend, come out and support the opening of Laszlo Biro, a space that will produce art objects and prints and which will be located in the heart of Pigneto.  One of Rome’s street artists is involved in running the place and therefore they’ve gathered 14 street artists (including Lucamaleonte, DEM, Hopnn, JB Rock, Diamond, Hogre, UNO, Alt 97 and more) to produce designs that will then be used to create artisanal objects.  The opening is this Saturday and I can’t wait to see what they’ll produce.

Laszlo Biro
via Macerata 77/79
opening Saturday December 11 at 6 pm


  1. Love the femme fatales!
    I posted a photo of Muro Torto today too…

    Question: who is the street artist that does the Atari-like aliens with colored tiles? Love his raised positions, San Lorenzo, Porta Portese, Pigneto… Even a little one in the ghetto.

  2. Invader! He's a very famous French street artist that did an installation here this summer. If you do a search on my blog you'll see all sorts of posts about it. This is his site

  3. It looks like they are watching passing cars in shock at their bad driving.

  4. foto molto affascinante.. bella


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