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Photos of the Year

Posted on Dec 31, 2010 | 7 comments

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I apologize that I’ve been a little lax in the blogging over the past week, but I’m enjoying spending time with my family (and watching TV!), so I’m slower than usual. However, I always feel a bit guilty when I miss too many days of blogging and have been meaning to get to this “Top Photos of 2010” for a few days, so let’s get too it! You’ll notice I didn’t include any of my street art photos (except one) because I’m going to do a little year in review, with those top photos as well, tomorrow. This post will focus on my other photography and some of the images that I liked the best from the past year. I looked through month by month and tried to pick out the best image posted, which was no easy feat. Every year when I do this (ok, last year was the first time), I’m amazed by how much has happened and how much I’ve managed to capture. These images and blog posts really have become markers in my life for me and I thank you all for reading, writing, and generally being enthusiastic about the blog. Even if I don’t always get time to comment back, I’m reading along with everything. Let me know which is your favorite (either of these or any other). I think I’m torn between three: JB Rock painting, the tourists looking at the map, and the “Bar” sign.

PS. I am not quite sure how to make the captions link back to the original posts, but if you want to read the post that accompanies the photos, you should be able to find it easily using the search button.


  1. July is my fav. On another note, thanks for the pedi! xoxo Sis

  2. I don’t blame you for spending more time with your family than blogging. I’m doing the same (but usually feel the same guilt :p).

    Congratulations on such amazing photos.

    • Thanks for making me feel less guilty! 😉

  3. I like June to go with all your street art photos and March. Hope to see the boxer next time I’m in Rome

  4. This makes me miss Rome so much I want to cry… hopefully I’ll be able to go back in a couple of years. I think everyone has to live there at least once in their life. Thanks for the photos!

    • Aww, don’t worry…Rome has been here for centuries and I’m sure will be here a good while longer, so there’s always time to come back!


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