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Posted on Dec 1, 2010 | 0 comments

Lots of things happening over the past few days that have made me think more than usual about time and how it rapidly dances by us before we can realize it. It’s been a long day, however, and so I will just share what I consider to be most important, which is that I want to pay my respects to the great director Mario Monicelli, who took his own life during treatments for terminal cancer on Monday. Monicelli lived in Monti (in fact, I blogged about a screening of his tribute to the neighborhood in 2008) and I would often see him around the neighborhood. I remember last seeing him briefly a few months ago and thinking that I had not caught a glimpse of him in awhile, of course not knowing what the reason for his absence was. This morning a memorial was held in Piazza Madonna dei Monti was held with, of course, much more fanfare and press then when Angelo passed just over a year ago, but for the neighborhood it was yet another distressing loss of someone who has come to define an area, and for many, exemplify an entire country. I’ll leave you with this interview from 2008….

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