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Broccolo Romano

Posted on Jan 14, 2011 | 3 comments

I bought some broccolo romano the other day at the grocery store not only to make a pasta dish with them, but primarily to photograph them.  I’d never seen anything other than plain old broccoli until moving here, where you’ll find a whole host of broccoli and cauliflower like vegetable that are commonly used here.  Just look at them, it’s like an edible fractal just begging you to photograph it.  I knew that the fractal pattern and bumpy texture would make for an interesting image, so I cleared off my sink and set up a little portable reading light I have to create some shadow and drama in the photo.  Now I’m hungry! Just how do I eat them?  Generally I’ll cut them up and sauté them in a pan and then have them over fresh egg pasta or orecchiette with a bit of pecorino, but that’s just me (and it’s the easiest thing to do).


  1. This photo can definitely convince my anti-broccolo heart to take a bite… I had definitely forgotten about this vegetable and like to eat them steamed with olive oil and a dash of salt. Beautiful shot!

  2. This past fall this was sold in my local supermarket in western NY, And as soon as I saw it I had to buy it to photograph it…It obviously is a beautiful vegetable. And delicious!! If you would like to see how my photo came out I’ll post it on my blog. You take great photos of mia citta preferitta!! (Sorry about my blah italian.)

    • Would love to see the photo! What did you make with your brocolo romano?

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