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Guest Post: London Street Art Part I

Posted on Jan 7, 2011 | 0 comments

We’ll get back to Rome in a few days when I’m in town to start shooting fresh pics, so in the meantime I’ll welcome Griff from Street Art London to give you a little introduction about what’s new and fresh in that city. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for part 2.

Greetings from London. This is the first of two guest posts from Street Art London showcasing some of the best street art in London at the moment. There is so much to tell you about so we have decided to deliver it all over two posts! This post focuses on a selection of ‘International’ street artists who put pieces up in many different countries. The second post is all about street artists who primarily work out of London.

East London and more specifically areas such as Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Hackney are the hottest spots in London for street art right now. These areas are always being visited by the top street artists from around the globe.
Swoon, a street artist from New York, is well known for her intricate and lifesize what paste prints and paper cut outs of figures based upon people in her life. She visited London in October and left four execellent pieces, here is one of them:

We know that Rome Photo Blog is a big fan of C215 and Alicé and over at Street Art London we’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of their work in Rome. C215 and Alicé have visited London too and their work may often be seen side by side.

Invader may have been busy in Rome, but he has also left his mark all over London.

Roa, from Ghent in Belguim, is currently taking the street art world by storm with his incredible animal pieces. His animals may be found slumbering on the sides of buildings and peering out from semi-derilict walls all over East London.

Pedro Matos, a Portugese street artist, vistetd in November and left us this excellent paste up.

Boxi, a Berlin based stencil artist par excellence, visited London recently too and left some incredible work.

Here is an amazing piece of work by James Cochran, an Australian street artist. This piece is typical of his distinctive ‘drip’ painting style.

In December, as part of the ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ street art project, German street art collective Mentalgassi teamed up with Amnesty UK to highlight the plight of Troy Davis, a 42-year-old man on death row in the US state of Georgia with some lenticulae street art.

Please tune in for Street Art London’s next post which will look at some ‘London’ street artists.



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