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Mercato Monti

Posted on Feb 27, 2011 | 1 comment

Today I swung by Mercato Monti at the ES Hotel, as friends had a booth to benefit the Behbud association in Pakistan. It’s the first time I actually dragged myself to the market, though it’s become more and more successful in the year or so that it began, with a who’s who of Monti and beyond managing the booths and shopping for deals. Here you’ll find antique jewelry, vintage clothes and bags, as well as handmade goods like hats, bags, and clothing. There is also a small selection of books, records, and furniture on hand. Many of the booths are run by merchants who have shops in Monti, but many also feature young designers or artisans without stores. The market is the brainchild of Bibi Marin from the Contesta Rock Hair store and Ornella Cicchetti from Misty Beethoven and takes place one Sunday a month at either the ES Hotel or Hotel Palatino. Every market has a little theme attached to it and a DJ set and aperitivo make it as much a place to go and see friends as to shop. The best way to know when the next market will be held is to friend them on Facebook. The next market will be held on March 13 and for another perspective on the market and more photos, check out Elizabeth Minchilli’s blog.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks Jess! Your help and support were vital! Thanks also for the great picture opp..I am hoping it will go up on the Behbud homepage! will miss you tons:-(

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