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San Lorenzo Urban Architecture

Posted on Feb 3, 2011 | 2 comments

I’ve always been fascinated by this building, located on the corner of via dei Reti and via dei Piceni, in San Lorenzo. It’s almost a weird, unfinished shell, light blue steel beams exposed. The upper levels seem to be finished, but then everything else is an empty construction site with fences. Does anyone know if the upper levels are used for something?

Update: Thanks to reader Tommaso Di Marcello who wrote on my Facebook page that the building is the Department of Neurology and Psychiatric Sciences at La Sapienza. Now I’m going to see if I can google the building history. Stay tuned….


  1. Hi Jessica – this caught my eye because my father’s relatives were from San Lorenzo. My maiden name is DeLorenzo – my brother and his spouse stopped in to visit family there 20 years ago or so. The language barrier was great, but the hospitality warm.

    Beautiful photo, the way you’ve softened the focus is so artful.

    PS: Let me know if you’re doing notecards – I loved the ones you did a year or two ago but they’re all gone.

    • Oh wow….that’s fantastic! You have to go and visit…I didn’t realize you were a true Roman 🙂 As for the notecards, I actually recently found a few more packs in my house if you are interested. At the moment I’m not planning to do more, but that definitely might change, I will let you know!

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