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Beatification Fever

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 | 1 comment

The build up to the beatification of Pope John Paul II has led us to this weekend. Pilgrims, nuns, and priests have flocked to the capital and I took this image this afternoon by Santa Maria Maggiore. A group of nuns taking a photo of themselves before visiting the church. The square was swarmed with school groups, nuns, priest, buses, and souvenir stands. I can only imagine what St. Peter’s Square looks like! Tomorrow night a special ceremony will be held in the Circus Maximus and then Sunday will be the beatification.

1 Comment

  1. Great photo. I’m told that for Easter and special occassions such as this the Vaticans most scared relics are displayed high up in the clerestory of St.PETERS. have sadly never taken the time, or been in Rome at the right time, to see if this is true.

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