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From the Archives – San Lorenzo

Posted on May 17, 2011 | 0 comments

There are a lot of photos that I’ve never published, either because I didn’t like them at the time or I just moved on to other topics before putting them on the blog. Looking back through my archives tonight I was struck by this image taken in San Lorenzo in February 2009. It was my first afternoon wander around the neighborhood and was taken during the same trip as the images published in this series of posts (San Lorenzo, Street Art I, II, and III). It’s funny because a lot of the murals that I featured in those posts are still up and every time I pass them, it makes me remember that time when I first was discovering street art, which was still so new to me.

Looking at this image, it reminds me about how struck I was by the contrast in the ambience and the architecture from where I was living at the time, Montesacro. It seemed so much more urban and gritty and I was certainly drawn to that. I actually like this photo quite a bit, but I think space and distance can make you appreciate things you didn’t think were so great to begin with.

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