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Hidden Surprise

Posted on May 11, 2011 | 2 comments

This past weekend was the Road to Contemporary Art, the annual contemporary art fair held at MACRO (see last year’s write up here). I went on Thursday to have a wander around, as there is always an interesting mix of Italian and international galleries and the MACRO is such a cool space to hold an event such as this. Not everything on display was to my taste, but there were some amazing pieces and really great photography on display as well. Sten + Lex were holding it down as the only street artists on display (as far as I saw). Their installation in the CO2 Gallery section was a new way to view their stencil posters. I’m not quite sure how to explain it verbally, but the architecture studio LAD created a space where you looked through a black frame down into a black tunnel that terminated with the piece by Sten + Lex (see a schematic of the space on LAD’s website). Playing on perspective and optical illusion, as well as the public’s tendency toward voyeurism, it was an interesting twist on how to display their art.

Now here comes the best part. I took a few photos to try and capture the installation but didn’t think any came out that great. Then I got home and loaded them on to my computer and noticed something fantastic – a little head peaking out on the right side of the frame. In fact, if I’m not mistaken I actually think it’s CO2’s owner Giorgio Galotti peering back through. I had no idea he was even there when I took the photo, I was too concerned with the lighting…..what a great hidden surprise.


  1. That’s great!!

  2. perfect timing

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