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Mr. Klevra at Dorothy Circus

Posted on May 11, 2011 | 0 comments

Back in February Mr. Klevra pasted a poster of St. Sebastian outside of the Dorothy Circus Gallery, which, if aimed to call their attention to his art, apparently worked, as you can now purchase some of his pieces inside and they recently asked him to come back and paste a second poster (this time with their permission). I couldn’t make it over there while he was pasting it, but was in the area this weekend and so swung by to take these shots (see Flickr for a pulled back view). In keeping with the theme of depicting patron saints of Rome, as done in the Eikonprojekt 347 exhibit, Klevra paints Santa Maria ad Nives. This was the old name for the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, as legend has it that the location of the church was determined by the presence of snow on the Esquiline Hill on a summer day. In fact, August 5 is the feast of Our Lady of the Snow and each year white flowers are dropped from the dome to replicate the miracle that happened.

A beautifully painted piece as always, one that moves away from the stricter Byzantine style he often works in. Here the face of the Madonna has softened and is less stylized, though I’m not entirely convinced of the perspective on the hand reaching out, which you can see better in the Flickr photo, as it reads a tad too large for the positioning in my opinion. Otherwise, he creates a mysterious and almost mystical look to a living embodiment of an ancient Catholic miracle.

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