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Dining Out

Posted on Jun 25, 2011 | 4 comments

It makes me sad when I see hordes of tourists crowded into restaurants that I feel were created especially for them. Tables crowded outside under scaffolding with tattered checkered tableclothes and a greeter who calls out to you when you walk by. I know all about it because they see Anglo-Saxon me walking by and always say “Hello, would you like to sit.” Note to all….good places never have someone outside doing that because they don’t need to! Anyway, I took this photo on a narrow street connecting the Pantheon and Piazza della Pietra in honor of this phenomenon. If you are looking for good, quality places to eat, I recommend turning to some of the good food blogs about Rome, such as the one written by my friend Katie Parla.


  1. Great shot jess! that street make-ah me crazy!! the touts really drive me nuts. does it LOOK like i want microwaved pizza??

  2. Eating outside is THE best thing about summer in Rome. Granted, it is better if the food is good.

  3. Words of wisdom for any well-touristed city. Great picture!

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