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Caffe’ Peru

Posted on Jul 17, 2011 | 4 comments

Located on the elegant via Monserrato, the Caffe’ Peru is one of those old time bars that never changes.  It doesn’t try to become trendy or redo its interior in a sleek and elegant manner.  No, the Caffe’ Peru stays the same, but the locals know that they can get excellent coffee and good service when they arrive.  In fact, there are a lot of bars like this.  Ones that make you feel like you are still in 1960 when you enter.  I remember one by my old apartment and I was devastated when the couple retired and the place was renovated and made “fancy” by the young owners.  There’s something comforting about the old school style.  You don’t have to try to hard, you can just go in and relax.


  1. LOVE that old time feel. Will be keeping an eye out for this one when we’re in Rome later this year. Thanks for the tip (and the lovely photo!).

  2. This is actually in the Via di Monserrato – I live next door at the English College. But what a fabulous detail. Thanks so much for this blog; you help us to see familiar sights in a new way!

    • Whoops….sorry for the error and thank you for the correction! I’ve updated the post. So glad to hear that you enjoy the blog.

  3. How right you are about this cafe never changing – I left Rome just oever thirty years ago and it looks just the same as it did then. You are so right that there is something comforting about its resistance to change. It is what it always has been a straighforward cafe/bar for locals and those fortunate enough to discover simplicity. Thanks for the reminder.

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