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Ericailcane at Laurentino 38 – V Ponte

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 | 1 comment

In late June artist Ericailcane came to Rome to paint a huge facade in the Laurentino 38 neighborhood. Created in the mid-70s, this area was supposed to be a sort of new “casa popolare” in Rome, but has turned into one of the most degraded areas of the city, and one with a bit of an unsavory reputation. LabUrba has started a project to bring some life back to the neighborhood and commissioned the facade, the largest painted facade in Rome that I’ve seen (correct me if I’m wrong). I was out of town the weekend of the painting, but thanks to a great post over on Drago, it’s possible to see the work in progress. It’s crazy that there haven’t been any other images I’ve seen on the web, as if this was in a different city it would be all over the place, but I suppose that’s precisely why I spent 90 minutes, two bus rides, and a metro trip to get there. Small children rode their tricycles around the building and under the mural while the adults hung outside under the shade that the large edifices provided. I just kept wondering if they enjoyed the image and if it brought some small amount of joy to the people who lived in the area. In fact, a news clip embedded below shows just what everyone thinks and the reaction is positive (sorry, it’s only in Italian!).

Lo scimmione del Laurentino 38 in Virgilio Video

More details of the mural:

Ericailcane                      Ericailcane



PS. It’s my last post before summer vacation, so I’ll see you all back here in about 2 weeks….a presto!

1 Comment

  1. Ciao Jessica,
    leggiamo solo oggi questo interessante articolo.
    Ti ringraziamo, ma vorremmo specificare che “LaBurba” è il nome del Laboratorio Urbano all’interno del quale è stata realizzata da ericaIlcane questa opera. Il Laboratorio è stato realizzato con il sostegno della Provincia di Roma dall’Associazione Pontedincontro Onlus, che da 20 anni lavora al Laurentino 38.
    E visto che è passato un anno, con l’occasione, buon compleanno Gorilla!

    Hello Jessica,
    just today we read this interesting article.
    We want to thank you, but we would like to specify that “LaBurba” is the name of the Urban Laboratory where this work was carried on by Ericailcane. The laboratory has been realized with the support of the Province of Rome, from Pontedincontro Onlus, an association that works in the Laurentino 38 district from 20 years. And since it’s been a year, happy birthday Gorilla!

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