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In the Piazza

Posted on Jul 15, 2011 | 5 comments

The stone bench that runs around the border of the Palazzo Farnese is part of what makes the square a great place for lounging.  There aren’t a lot of places with public seating in Rome and so people take advantage and relax in the square.  I just had to photograph this couple, who are so elegant in their dress.  One incredible thing I’ve always loved about Italy is that no matter how young or how old, people never stop putting in the effort to keep themselves looking their best.


  1. The woman’s red accessories caught my eye…very coordinated. Just discovered your blog and will return. It has taken me a little searching to navigate your blog, but it will be fun to surf and see all your wonderful images.

  2. I love your photos of the people of Rome -this couple is very elegant-nice shot

  3. Indeed, a very elegantly dressed couple.

  4. Great image!
    One to remember!

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