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Summer Tales – Street Art Style

Posted on Jul 21, 2011 | 0 comments

I got word last night that a new wall was being painted in the Salaria area so headed up to via Lariana 14 after work to check it out.  Sure enough, I encountered a wall in progress with work by Lucamaleonte, Flavio Solo, Hopnn, Cancelletto, and a few others.  The initiative is part of Summer Tales, something happening all July through different areas of the city and which spotlights literature, art, theater, music, and photography through encounters in the streets of Rome.  On July 21 starting at 7:30 pm, the wall will be inaugurated with an aperitivo and then later, a concert.  By that time there should also be JB Rock’s contribution to the wall (he was starting as I left).  This section of Summer Tales was organized by the cultural association L’archivio14, which is located on via Lariana.

The wall was looking great when I left, with an ever rare mural by Lucamaleonte.  No stencil this time, just pure painting reminiscent to the small book he put out during his Luca M show at Laszlo Biro earlier in the year.  Cancelletto’s serpentine figure showed a new level of shading and change in color palette which I quite enjoyed and Flavio Solo’s bright and bold piece made an impact even while still unfinished.  Overall I’d say it’s a pretty quality wall and anyone interested in urban art should try to make it over tomorrow to enjoy the end result.


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