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CNNGo – Rome

Posted on Feb 7, 2012 | 5 comments

Last month I was lucky enough to film a monthly travel program that airs on CNN International regarding the city of Rome.  A bunch of locals were selected to participate, including Vino Roma, Irene de Vette, and the filmmakers of Italy Love It or Leave It.  I personally took the crew to the Villa Farnesina to explore some art history and then to my neighborhood of Pigneto, where we talked about street art with my friends Omino71 and Mr. Klevra, toured the art studio of Arturo, went dancing at Fanfulla, and lounged at Bar Necci.  You can watch part of the program starting tomorrow over on the CNNGo website and below I’m listing the times I was given for when it will air.  By the way, I don’t have CNN International, so if anyone has a way to record it, please do!  I would love to have a copy sent to me!  It was a fun experience and I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed filming.


update: With the help of a friend I was able to see the show! For those of you who are interested, check out the segments on the CNNGo website linked above.  I’m featured in the second half of the “Gorgeous Rome” clip and have some voiceovers at the end of the “Italy’s Capital of Contradictions” clip.

Wednesday, February 8 at 5.30am and 12.30pm

Saturday, February 11 at 12.30am and 2.30pm

Sunday, February 12 at 7.30am

***All times are ET (+6 for Italy) ***



  1. awesome-Diana has CNN International=I’ll watch online

  2. Hello Ms. Jessica,

    I just saw you on CNN, an hour ago. Loved your tour of the great artworks.

    Regards from Mumbai, India.

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. How frustrating for you to get major coverage on CNN and not be able to see it. Hope your followers come through with a copy for you. I know you frequently post street art. Monday Mural is a new meme focused on murals of all kinds. Join us the next time you find a mural to post. Best wishes.

    • Ciao! I actually was able to see it! They posted clips online and a friend also taped it online for me. Thanks for the heads up about the mural Mondays, sounds fun!

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